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Indufin focuses on non-quoted companies with a minimum EBITDA of €2m and a stable cash flow. The fund typically invests in businesses with a clear growth potential or ambition. The primary focus is to partner with Belgian companies, and Indufin tailors the setup to the specific situation. Hence we have experience with:

  • Growth capital

  • Management  buy-in & buy-out

  • Family succession

  • Strengthening equity





  1. People are the cornerstone of successful companies
  2. Indufin is highly selective in the choice of the management of the participations
  3. We want to team up with successful entrepreneurs, managers & owners in the SME’s segment
  4. Indufin investment team has ample experience in dealing with entrepreneurs, managers and owners
  5. We highly value and expect ethical behavior


  1. Follow-up of investments is done with a “hands-with” approach
  2. Empowerment and trust are the foundation of the working relationship
  3. Focus & prioritization as well as pragmatism & efficiency are crucial to get to results
  4. Agility is required to overcome unexpected challenges and to benefit from unique opportunities
  5. Tailor made solutions are required to meet specific needs from entrepreneurs, managers & customers
  6. Indufin team has the experience to manage delicate situations

Investment criteria

Geography & industrial sectors

Benelux, sector-agnostic
  • Proximity to management seen as key value driver
  • International footprint and/or strategy seen as important growth lever


Min. €2m EBITDA, clear growth potential
  • Sound financial starting point, also easing bank financing
  • Growth via organic and/or buy & build approach

Ticket size

€3m to €15m initial equity investment
  • Initial equity investment to be complemented with bank financing resulting in typical enterprise value of min. €20m
  • Max. €20m equity in single company (incl. follow-on investments)

Deal set-up & shareholding

Case-by-case basis, minority or majority
  • Depends on seller’s preference and on best way to maximize (future) value: share purchase, MBO, MBI, capital increase, …
  • Initial shareholding at least significant minority


Indufin is supported by a selective number of families.

De Eik ( is a Belgian family-owned investment company and has been working with Indufin management for over 15 years.